Visiting Your Sister

So you've been visiting your sister
Yes I know how much you miss her
Is that her cologne that you have on?
Why did she call me up
While you were gone?
Oh... my little blued eyed friend 
I've caught you in a lie once again
What do I have to do 
To make you tell the truth, not lies?
What can I do to keep men
 From between your thighs?
Are those diamonds on your cheeks
Or are those tears?
Are they really from your heart
Or are those guilty tears? 
The original lyric for the last verse
as printed in the New Rose insert are
"Or from your blistered rear"? 
In the studio the words 'guilty tears' just came out 
In this somewhat romantic story of betrayal 
I felt they left more room for the imagination

Blake Xolton

Copyright 1986 Royal Martian Music