Mmm...   Almost time for lunch....

I wasn't early
She wasn't late
You see, this was our second date
So I knew she would come through
Started feelin' like this was a date with fate 
Had such a strong desire to drive her V-8
Well she pulled up in a brand new car
She said I'm low on gas
I said we're not going far
She had her top down
Mmm...what a padded dashboard
She had a tight clutch
With four on the floor
When I said.... step on it Honey
I was playin' a hunch
I got no time to waste
Just got an hour for lunch
Well we hit those curves at a hundred and five
Though she was only sixteen
The girl knew how to drive
We took the back road
Just to be safe
When your jammin' through the tunnel
There's no room for mistakes
Well the only reason that we made it back alive
I flicked the little red button into overdrive
{Repeat first verse}
Sure don't taste like tomato juice

Blake Xolton

Copyright 1986 Royal Martian Music