I used to steal away
To a place down the tracks
I'd get all hot and sweaty 
Listening to the clack clack clack
Ya the trains would play the music
And the girls would sing the tune
They used to dance for me
Painted green and painted blue

I remember how I found you
On that dirty wooden floor
You said you needed shelter
You said you were a whore
But I knew that you'd say anything
Cuz I've been there before
I put my overcoat around you
Took you out the back door

It took awhile to recover
Took a longer time to heal
The wounds that they inflicted
Bruised her soul and broke her will
So I held her in my arms
And told her I was real
She told me she felt better
But she would never be the same

One day she went away
She would not tell my why
I stood there in the doorway
But I did not say goodbye
I wonder if she went back
To that place down by the tracks
Why is it when things hurt you
You keep on going back

Blake Xolton

Copyright 2003 Blake Xolton