When I was young and I misunderstood
I take a screwdriver
I scratch the wood
My parents tell me you can't do that
Give me a spanking
And that was that 
When I got older
They send me to school
I try to live by the golden rule
The teachers taught but the kids did not learn
They did not notice
It was not their concern
A little later they give me a gun
They taught me how to fight
But mostly how to run
Now I'm so worried for every mother's son
They talk about the war
As if it were fun....
This country's memory's much too short
Hunting men is not a sport
Life is so silly
It's so absurd
My high school sweetheart 
She married the nerd
I guess there is no rhyme or reason to love
There are some things
That you just can't grow out of

Blake Xolton

Copyright 1986 Royal Martian Music