I sit and read the thread of thought diverge and mutate

The web of deceit in constant conflict with truth, right-mindedness and honor

The bodies of warrior’s evaporate as the battlefield erupts

And are reborn in our very hearts while hands and legs fly past our now wide-open eyes 

Eyes once filled with visions of sugar plums now see the fruit of tearing things

We once could not conceive

We move through time and space as if we always have

Accepting our technological miracles as commonplace

The ever-insistent search  for meaning, definition and clarity

Now obscured by instant gratification

Equality forced feed to us like putrid meat

And yet, we like Spaniards bring disease and death to this new world

The best and brightest hope, our dreams; left stranded on forgotten rotting ships

 Retreat an option sabotaged and only pyrrhic-victory remains

Your words like poison shards of glass embed themselves in any flesh

Not schooled in stealth or bound in steel

While liquor flows the women dance

 To sate the mind of fools


Blake Xolton


Copyright ©2004 Blake Xolton




"It is very, very dangerous to lose contact with living nature." Dr. Albert Hofmann