Dublin Massacre

This isn't a story about Texas
This isn't a story about about the Big Beat
This is a story about Ireland
You say you're fighting for your freedom
You're gonna burn' 'em...your're gonna beat 'em
You're gonna drive them from your shore...yeah
Retain your freedom...forevermore
With all you're warring and all your whoring
You're so deploring.....you're down right boring
Before you're finished....before you're through...yeah
The four leaf clover will look over you.
You say religion will see you through...yeah
That's so archaic....what's wrong with you?
You've got you're priest right by your hand
But he can die like any man
Your blood is running in the street
You have to ration what you eat
Your children aren't safe from your bombs...yeah
But you let it go on and on and on and on and on
Fighting mad.... you've all gone mad...
You've gone mad......gone mad
This wasn't a story about Texas

Blake Xolton

Copyright 1986 Royal Martian Music