This is a compilation of the the PR inserts that accompanied the release of the LP “COOL ON MY SKIN” 

Written by Dan Kessel in 1986.


Blake Xolton is, to tell it straight, an undisputed under-ground legend in his native lotus land of L.A. On this the west coast pundits and soothsayers all agree. Once a jealously guarded mantra among the intelligentsia and art crowd, Xolton's name now shrieks from the fevered lips of the swinging creepers who storm the boulevards and haunt the back alleys of Hollywood when the moon is full and the sprits are high.

In fact, it was from the depths of the tumultuous pioneering Punk-Rock milieu that Blake Xolton emerged. Eventually working with the likes of the Go-Go's, Blondie and the Ramones. Although his first performances at the Whisky A Go-Go attracted a fanatical following, other less liberated patrons exited grimacing, with their hands over their ears! Taking solace in the less than favorable reactions composer Igor Stravinsky's earliest public performances evoked, Xolton continued to believe he was an artist with something valid to offer. Soon the eventual rioting at his sold-out club appearances served to legitimize his growing convictions in himself and his music. 

Fans describe Xolton's on-stage demeanor as "Other-Wordily"  “Menacing” or “Like a Man Possessed”... but then again, he can provoke a most unsettling response, just when you least expect it...for example when he cracks a cute little grin. One wonders if he is laughing at his audience; at life; or at himself. Whatever the case, it is a private moment between Blake and himself. His fans are just happy to be there, basking in the cacophony of his myriad emotions.  While on stage, Xolton has been known to go into a trance-like state. Upon witnessing a Xolton performance for the first time, many are dumbfounded and stand transfixed as Blake delves into his psyche.... Deeper than most people ever dare to go. Sometimes Xolton uses his guitar like a machine gun or flamethrower... other times he caresses the instrument with an almost religious pathos. 

As a celebrated young figure on the scene, Xolton's magic was soon very much in demand at "Be-Ins" and other exotic "Happenings". Blake's new reputation and growing legendary status garnered  him a performing slot on In-Crowd  recording sessions under the direction of legendary producers Kim Fowley and Phil Spector. 

Through intensive medical and psychiatric therapy, the following cause-effect scenario became evident: Tragically, at the peak of his earliest success, Xolton suffered a devastating emotional blow when his beloved younger brother died in a most horrific and violent circumstance. Seeking escape from his paralyzing grief, Blake entered a period of dangerously extreme sexual  behavior fueled by an ever increasing reliance on alcohol combined with illicit pharmaceuticals and hallucinogens of the most extensive and potent variety. Eventually, his Byzantine experiments and chemically induced excursions into the psycho-sexual realm grew far too excessive, even by his esoteric standards. 

Up on his feet, he's back on the street. Much tougher and wiser for the wear, his cutting edge ever intact. His album "COOL ON MY SKIN" is proof of that. As his legend continues to grow, Blake Xolton, a man of many moods; will  remain the unchained love child of the groovers, freakers and ravers who mambo into the night.                                                                             

Dan Kessel / Hollywood

"Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you."
~Aldous Huxley~