He had planed to go surfin'...not get dropped into hell
With a bag full of weapons...and a license to kill
He was told just to recon...and get his ass out alive
But don't expect any back up...this mission's classified
Surprise Surprise...you're not expected to survive
But he just had to disappoint them. He wasn't ready to die
He lost himself...on the Plain of Jars
Every thing was so strange...it might as well of been Mars
But there's a Law in the jungle...it's kill or be killed
He was scared to death...but death became a thrill
Out of his mind. Physically ill
He believed in just one thing
That was his terrible skill....
And He was only 18
He went from hangin ten...to killing men
And you can see him on main street
In any town USA
He's got no place to live
And He's got nothing to say...
Cuz He was only 18

Blake Xolton

Copyright ©2004 Blake Xolton

I dedicate ‘18’ to the men and women who served with honor in Southeast Asia

I wrote “18” many years ago. A lifetime ago. Once more we find ourselves looking at the names and faces of our best and brightest, who have paid the ultimate price. If you are fortunate, you will not recognize them. If you have been blessed; you will. What shall we build this time? Who shall receive the folded Flag? In what hollowed ground will they repose? The next time you roll up your window to shield yourself from that “Homeless Vet” in an old green jacket remember this: He too was a Hero.... 
We just forgot to tell him

There are 270,000 homeless veterans in the United States Of America. This is a national disgrace. 

"They won't  give peace a chance, that's just a dream some of had".  Joni Mitchell

"OK, so Flower Power didn't work. So What. We start again".  John Lennon  

"Some dreams do come true. Their called nightmares".  Blake Xolton